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I've worked with a variety of clients over the last 10 years, from one-man bands and charities to medium sized businesses and government institutions. Regardless of the size of the project, I have helped my clients create a useful and successful web presence and more importantly provided the users of their websites with a positive experience. Here's how I have done it, and how I may be able to help you.

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Professional, intuitive and approachable, just some of the attributes Dave has shown through the design of our new website. With a clear cut manner all aspects were covered and all within deadline, we will continue to involve Dave in future projects. Kevin Donnelly

Information Architecture

Knowing how to organise your information and content can be difficult. Always remember that it is your customers or users for whom you must design and organise your website and the information in it. Getting this right can make the difference between a happy user and one who flits off elsewhere to carry out their web business. I have been involved with the information architecture for all the web projects I have worked on.

Web Design

Designing a website isn't just about making it look pretty. You may have heard the expression communicate don't decorate. Well this is especially true in good web design. By far the most important part of web design is being able to successfully communicate to the users of the site. Everything on your webpage needs to have a purpose and in some way be trying to meet an objective. Combining my understanding of your business objectives with proven design techniques is a recipe for success.

Web Application Development

Application development whatever its form is never straightforward. It incorporates a variety of skills including creating database structures, programming techniques, designing interaction and contingencies, testing techniques to name but a few. It really is a very long list and most of it will be totally meaningless to you. In fact allot of 'web developer speak' can be hard to get to grips with, but don't worry I can translate it all into layman's terms for you regardless of your level of understanding. I've been in charge of developing full site content management systems (CMS), bespoke customer relationship management systems, ordering systems, eCommerce sites and a whole host of other small ad-hoc programming jobs.

eCommerce Solutions

Whether you need it or not, many web companies will try to sell you an eCommerce solution. There seems to be an ever increasing move towards wanting to sell online. While this can be a worthwhile venture it is not wise to jump in head first without first grasping the bigger picture. I can both advise and inform you on your best options, pointing out all the things you may need to know before you make this large investment and commitment and of course provide you with the most suitable solution based on your specific requirements.

Blog solutions

By now you will have heard the term, as it is well and truly part of the vernacular. Whether you are an individual or a business you could benefit from a blog. I can explain how and talk you through your various options, help you find one to suit you, set it up, create a bespoke design for you and even help you find a suitable hosting deal.

Complete Web Solutions

You've heard the expression 'jack of all trades', well that is a good way to describe me. You will notice I have omitted to say 'master of none' because, well simply, it isn't true. I can bring to your project a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills right across the board. In this day and age the web and indeed the whole planet is awash with charlatans full of hyperbole and false promises. You won't get that from me. Just good solid advise, attention to detail and a tailor-made web solution that will work for your business. I'm happy to let my work speak for itself.

Interested? get in contact

If you are and would like to find out more then please send me an email. We can establish from the outset if you are the type of client I would be interested in helping and if I am the guy you need to make your web solution a reality.