About me

If you visited this page because you are considering asking me to do some work for you, you might like to read my CV. If you are just here for a nosy then read on. There's a wee bit about me and a wee bit about this site too.

You might like to

I am absolutely delighted with the site that Dave designed for me! The whole experience has been stress-free, very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I particularly like the personal and friendly service and how decisions were reached through close communication, so that the end results were guaranteed to be a success. Tom Calwell

…me & my background

me A child of 1971, I grew up in Northern Ireland. Having visited and lived in various places, Edinburgh, SE Asia, Australia, I eventually returned to my hometown where I live with my girlfriend. I think of myself on one hand, as quite a private person, which is why I haven’t really divulged much information, and on the other hand, very open and willing to share a little bit of my professional and personal life which is why I created this website. I have a great passion for and appreciation of the ocean, scuba diving and the outdoors in general. The great thing about Scuba Diving. “You don’t get many arseholes underwater”. I am a web developer by trade and have been involved in one form or another since the internet was in nappies (1996). Back then we browsed with IE3 and built sorry excuses for websites with Netscape Composer. I know it was the 90’s but it seems more like the 80’s looking back!

…what inspires me

An interesting question and not easy to pin down. I definitely feel an affinity with the under-dog, deplore bullies and love to see 'good' winning through in the end. Perhaps that makes me an idealist. Watching people overcome hardship when faced with adversity inspires me and reminds me how good my life is in comparison to the horrors many face in the world around us. Anyway, I think you get the picture. I’m also inspired by nature, my girlfriend, my brother and a plethora of musicians although not necessarily in that order. I suppose I was also a little inspired by the whole web standards movement, or did I just write that for the search engines, ummmm?

…who will I work with

I think one of the fundamental factors in ensuring a good professional relationship is ensure you only enter into one with like minded people. So if you are involved directly or indirectly in any unethical practices, for example the manufacture or trading of; arms (I mean weapons, not prosthetics!), dangerous drugs, or bad over-priced software then I think it is safe to conclude we won't be conversing about how I can help you. Nuff said.

…the site

Now for some of the more geeky stuff…. The site includes a 'big blog' using the open source blogging tool, wordpress, a 'wee blog' or 'tumblog' that uses tumblr, a portfolio that makes use of some , in the form of a jquery slideshow and some other bits and pieces of web magic. The site is semantic, well at least using my interpretation. It has been built with accessibility and usability in mind and I hope that it satisfies all the objectives I documented when I started out on its creation. The site has been tested on all the mainstream browsers for Mac OSX, Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows XP, and at the very least should 'downgrade gracefully' (jeez I’ve been using that phrase for such a long time!). All you IE6 users, surely you know the score by now? get a decent browser, any of these will do. The site is designed for a screen resolution of 1024X768 and above although it should be useable at all resolutions. I have included a high contrast, high viz, zoom view which you can use if you have any visual impairment and require more contrast or larger text. You can also find out how to increase the text size in your browser.

…the build

Well the site is built as much as possible using the industry approach of choice. I don’t want to dwell on all this kind of stuff, no doubt I will write about and link to enough of it throughout the site. Suffice is to say I am an advocate of Web Standards.


Feel free to borrow, copy, steal, whatever. I haven’t bothered adorning my source with any witty comments. I view the medium we work in as one, by its very nature, that embraces the philosophy of sharing. I think we should all be helping to educate each other and creating experiences that are beneficial to the greater good. I deplore the ’sue culture’ and think life is too short to worry about rip off merchants. I don’t really agree with their mindset but in many ways I would be a hypocrite if I complained about it. I have borrowed/used ideas, snippets of code form a variety of sources, and whilst the majority of the work is 100% hand coded and original, some of it is nicked( figuratively not literally it all has open source licence and should be properly referenced) so there! So why the copyright in the footer? …irony! and well I guess I would discourage a blatant rip off of the site as a whole.

…how to get in contact

Just send me an email